Tuesday, January 26, 2010

seeing my shadow...

this dragged me out of hybernation; making me feel.


so did the flowers on the kitchen table. surprising me with a card and a small gift of ituneage for my orange pod.

and then. your list. and i saw my shadow.

which means six more weeks. at least.


Megara said...

That brought tears to my eyes. I agree, you are way funnier than you think ;)
Happy Birthday Jackie! I hope you enjoy your new coupons :)

Emmy said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!!
Hope you had a great day!
I love you!
We need to be neighbors in Oregon someday and coupon and recycle togethere.

Mary said...

Happy birthday! What a cool list.

Bradley Moss said...

I loved reading your list yesterday. And I agree with all of them!! Clin sure loves you!! You're the bestest ever!

angee said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie!! And what a great list!! Way to go, Clin!