Wednesday, June 17, 2009

getting to know....

the new house.

the intricacies of Ellis's bowels. and trying to force her to release them in the toilet. rather than on the carpet. or me.

life with a little less internet. a new habit enforced during the move. and enjoyed. so for the next few weeks, my internet time will be spent on work. and then, jobless, the time will return to the joys of me. and my selfish writings.

until then, feel free to explore some of my current happies:

* - a mormon girl on broadway. just cast as the understudy of Rose Alvaraz in the revival of Bye, Bye, Birdie. the life bohemian that the left side of my brain always wanted to live. for a time. but the right side would never allow.

*Paper Heart - i love Michael Cera. and Charlyne Yi? i don't know you. but i want to be just like you.

*This is awesome - i added her to my pandora station.

*pretty. addictive. and child friendly

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm not very nice. right now. And I haven't been since last night. The weather's grey, houses are flooding, and I might loose my job(s) at the end of the month. But it's only a might.

Clin is getting the brunt of the mean.

You want specifics?

He did the wash today. Nice. Except two pieces of clothing went through wash and dry without being spotted for the ginormous stains on the fronts.

And yesterday, I flipped because he flattened the boxes that I was going to use to re-store shoes. and then flipped again when he hung the tool organizer so far from the garage door, that I will have to walk down the steps to get the broom. Instead of just opening the door and grabbing.

The house isn't quite where it needs to be. I don't know what to store in the garage vs. the basement. I don't know how to organize my laundry room, or shoes. And I'm up at night, dreaming that our basement is flooding. Because it applies to me now. Since there is both rain and basements in my life.

I also worry about the length of our grass. We have a bagless lawn mower. For mulching. And it works great if we mow more than once a week. But we don't. And we live in a neighborhood where grass clippings are no where to be seen.

Serious. If I have to rake the huge field in back, I will loose more than a job.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


now. i've gotten used to no internet. and i'm dragging my feet to get back on. because i'm behind. and everything is slowly climbing out of their boxes. as am i.

i've peaked out a couple of times. but i'm not the type to run through the streets shouting my name. I'M HERE. LOOK AT ME. NOW. WE MOVED IN.

no. i'm more the hermit crab, mostly staying in. and staring at the world from inside my shell. is that what hermit crabs do? because if so, then that's totally me.

we had one neighbor bring us some tasty cookies. but only one. and it made me wonder if this is a mormon thing. or if non-lds neighbors bring cookies to new move-ins as well. because i'm not the cookie bringing type. i am the cookie eating type. though.

we used to take things to new neighbors. until one time, we took some sugary, non-homemade, bread to the newly moved. met them. all was well. months later i found out that the family didn't eat sugar. or bread. and i should have eaten that loaf myself.

but i have decided. i like our new house. and it likes us. now. not so much last friday. night. when it cried and whimpered, leaving puddles on concrete in the unfinished portion of the basement.

but even houses need to grieve.