Tuesday, April 13, 2010


of anything not imminent.

And thus, my little blog, you have suffered neglect. But not to the extent of my hair, my eyebrows, my diet, my house, or my soul... Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

That was an evil laugh.
You know.
In case you couldn't hear.

So this is what you've missed. I think.
  • Clin grew some hair.

  • primary 1st counselor calling = utter chaos. as in all of the children look the same. and not one name sticks.

  • Ellis threw up. on me. in cafe rio. a deep red gatorade. during rush hour. in front of the soda machine. and no one helped. and I aimed her on me, so as not to get others sick. and I watched as those around us slowly moved away. awesome.

  • Aging and Arts Presentation at Theater Ed Forum @ BYU.

  • Clin grew more hair.

  • I gave up the ghost. Of diet coke that is.

  • Ellis screaming.

  • nursery toy drive.

  • Millie screaming.

  • cleaning nursery toys.

  • Me - screaming.

  • cleaning more nursery toys.

  • more facial hair. for Clin. not me. Although Ellis likes to say, "ew. I kissed your beard," to both of her parents.

  • Spring Break O Ten. Disneyland.

  • Ellis throws up again. This time temperature won't come down. Until Clin realizes that I have been giving her expired medicine. Yeah for me! And Back to the Disneyland.

  • Kindergarten orientation.

  • The smell of bleach will not go away. Neither will the nursery toys.

  • Snow for Spring.

  • Millie's 5th Birthday: Scooter, Tag books, princess Tiana figurines, My Little Pony, memory game. And the declaration: "Now that I'm five I get to go to kindergarten. I do not go to preschool when I'm five."

  • I'm still working on prepping my class for Summer. And realize, tonight, that only 1 person is registered. Hmmmm, so much for inspiring all of campus. Deadline approaches. Number of late nights increase.

  • Millie tells me about her dream. I can't remember it now. But somehow, in someway she used the word drunk.

  • Fiddler done. Beard gone. Hair cut. We now have Clin back. He is unrecognizable.

  • Planning princess party as I feel that Millie should be allowed to make friends sometime in her life.


PhD. I've been accepted. For Fall 2010.

I've said yes.

So be prepared for more neglect.


AmyMak said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats! for giving up the ghost and Ph.D. Wow. And that facial hair. Thanks for the great post.

Mary said...

Hair, bleach, a Ph.D -- what a time you guys have had. Good luck!

Megara said...

Congrats Jackie! And I love Clin's beard! So send me your address. As we will probably not be up there any time in the next couple years, or ever maybe, I am sending you our Cafe Rio cards. Enjoy :)

Bradley Moss said...

WAHOO!!!! I am doing a happy dance for your acceptance (and for Clin's beard-shaving - that was some facial haird!). Congratulations. You totally rock and I am humbled to be in your intelligent presence!


Clin A. Eaton said...

I still can't find the sunglasses listed in the first picture...

angee said...

First off, CONGRATS on the PhD stuff!!! So, so cool that I have a friend so smart!

Loved this update. The facial hair--not so much.

Miss you!

I just got called as 1st Counselor, too. Maybe you can offer me some advice now. STRESSING!

Email me. Call me. Let's get together.