Thursday, June 24, 2010

needing a quote.

So where do you go to find a quote that's supposed to be your favorite. Knowing that it will be listed under an image of you, out for all to view and judge. Based on someone else's words?

Seriously. I need a quote. As in yesterday.


Liz said...

Ummm...I like Don't recall seein' yer photo tho... ;)

And...btw...I'm headin' to UT in 2 weeks. What's the chance I can run into ya there...?!

Sherry Carpet said...

read a Wallace Stegner novel. i'm reading "crossing to safety" right now and it's a revelation. talk about the life i want to live!

the one i'm mulling now {i think there's a friss blog post in it} is Henry Adams:

"Chaos was the law of nature.
Order was the dream of man."

Anna said...

"What I can do I will, though it be little as a daffodil."

-Emily Dickinson

I like it because it makes me realize I can make a difference with small gestures, which makes me more likely to do something rather than wait until I have time to bake bread for someone. Hope that makes sense.

P.S. Crossing to Safety is one of my favorite books, too. Actually, most of Stegner's novels are up there.

Mary said...

There's the whole "(something something) prepare for the worst, Life is a play, we're unrehearsed." I think it was Oscar Wilde.

It's hard to pin something down as a favorite, because I think our lives change. When I was a snarky nerdy teen I would have picked the exchange from Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers in Top Hat:

"What is this strange power you have over horses?" "Horsepower."

I do like your last line of the post -- maybe I'll use it if I ever need a quote.

Nicea said...

Hi, Jackie. You probably don't remember me (Sherry Carpet's aunt), but I've recently taken to reading your blog. Delightful and entertaining. Hope you don't mind.

As for quotes, I second "Crossing to Safety." In fact, Wallace Stegner in general.

Jacks said...

Liz - I'm going to be in OR when you are out here. What are the odds of that?

SC - I knew you would come through. I need to pick up that novel and quick. It's on my list. And your quote rocks. I wish I could use this quote - but I sent in something before your comment. So I hope that I can change it up, because yours fits my mindset much more than mine.

Anna - Good one as well. And will be something that I need to remember with this PhD. Okay - Crossing to Safety sounds awesome.

Mary - I love me some Oscar Wilde. I was trying to find something from him, but really kind of forgot his name when it came down to my search. And Horsepower? Awe. Some. Oh Fred. Oh Ginger.

Hi Nicea! Welcome to my neglected blog. Of course I remember you. I only know one Nicea. i kind of consider you family. Because I consider SC family as well. i hope that's okay. I love your comments on SC's blog. i tend to linger from afar. But if you are putting a word in for Wallace (I love that name) then I am going to get it tomorrow.

Thanks all!