Wednesday, June 17, 2009

getting to know....

the new house.

the intricacies of Ellis's bowels. and trying to force her to release them in the toilet. rather than on the carpet. or me.

life with a little less internet. a new habit enforced during the move. and enjoyed. so for the next few weeks, my internet time will be spent on work. and then, jobless, the time will return to the joys of me. and my selfish writings.

until then, feel free to explore some of my current happies:

* - a mormon girl on broadway. just cast as the understudy of Rose Alvaraz in the revival of Bye, Bye, Birdie. the life bohemian that the left side of my brain always wanted to live. for a time. but the right side would never allow.

*Paper Heart - i love Michael Cera. and Charlyne Yi? i don't know you. but i want to be just like you.

*This is awesome - i added her to my pandora station.

*pretty. addictive. and child friendly


Bradley Moss said...

Potty training Ellis, eh? At least I assume you mean "bowels". Good luck with that. Have fun getting to know the house - that is one of the best parts about moving...everything is new to you! Let us know when you want company.

Jacks said...

Thanks for all your help, and proof reading. Bowls is now bowels.

Anonymous said...

Potty training, huh?! Good luck!!

We miss you!

Amy said...

Jackie...where do you live? Sara and I don't live far and we desperately want to visit.

We don't mind poop either!

Anna said...

I miss you. Start blogging again soon:)