Tuesday, June 9, 2009


now. i've gotten used to no internet. and i'm dragging my feet to get back on. because i'm behind. and everything is slowly climbing out of their boxes. as am i.

i've peaked out a couple of times. but i'm not the type to run through the streets shouting my name. I'M HERE. LOOK AT ME. NOW. WE MOVED IN.

no. i'm more the hermit crab, mostly staying in. and staring at the world from inside my shell. is that what hermit crabs do? because if so, then that's totally me.

we had one neighbor bring us some tasty cookies. but only one. and it made me wonder if this is a mormon thing. or if non-lds neighbors bring cookies to new move-ins as well. because i'm not the cookie bringing type. i am the cookie eating type. though.

we used to take things to new neighbors. until one time, we took some sugary, non-homemade, bread to the newly moved. met them. all was well. months later i found out that the family didn't eat sugar. or bread. and i should have eaten that loaf myself.

but i have decided. i like our new house. and it likes us. now. not so much last friday. night. when it cried and whimpered, leaving puddles on concrete in the unfinished portion of the basement.

but even houses need to grieve.


amy said...

Can I take a guess? You brought bread to the Blatters? You don't even have to respond, I know I'm right.
We love bread, and sugar, so you should have brought it to us.

Jacks said...

Right on you are. But you were already living there when we moved in. I think we should change tradition. New move ins should bring things to their new neighbors. You know, kind of like payment for everything to come. Next time, I'm bringing it to you.

Anonymous said...

So glad things are going well! When you get settled, please give us a call. Blogging's nice, but not the same as face-to-face. JJ misses Millie and mentioned her today at lunch. Thinking of you!

Arianne said...

I'm excited to see your house!

Bradley Moss said...

I love your new place and will bring treats next time we come a-callin'! Congrats!!!!!!