Monday, February 8, 2010

finally posting something that I should not forget.

Today's post is a multi-media experience. Click play on this clip. And then read.

Early January, Clin's Music Dance Theatre (MDT) class performed an evening of songs, dances, and group numbers that they had been working on throughout the semester.

Each year one number is a choreographed for a small group by a Kori Wakamatzu (former dance teacher) - usually modern or jazz. It's often audition only for the dancers. Difficult, and beautiful. Inspirational on the verge of a tear of two. I wish I had a video. But alas. I've been trying to simplify for anxiety sake and photos/video are not so much on my important list.

This year, the song was Run Away with Me - from the Unauthorized Biography of Samantha Brown. Which you are listening to right now. Or you should be. And if you are not, scroll up. Click play. Then return to the story.

At one point, a boy lifts a girl up over his head in some crazy, unexplainable feat.

Millie loudly proclaimed:

Mom, when I'm older can I be a girl so a boy can hold me like that?


AmyMak said...

Funny Millie. Funny mama. And I LOVE your book choice. I loved the book!

Mary said...

I got goosebumps. From the song, not the conversation with Millie. That was funny.