Saturday, July 25, 2009

celebrating those pioneers.

so in Utah, on the 24th, the state celebrates pioneers. i decided to bake me some coffee cake. with blueberries. and then return to bed. and stay in my pajamas all. day. long.

in honor of those pioneers who sacrificed so much. i took it easy.

oh. and learned that when a 2 year old wets on the cooler, make sure to open it and clean the inside too. because you don't want to open it a few hours later and question: is this gatorade? mountain dew?

and clin finally dragged us out. in air conditioning, with ipod. for our own pilgramage.

to eat ice cream.


Flinders Family said...

So good to hear from you on my blog! We miss you like crazy!!! I hope all is well and I hope you can come for a visit very soon!

Bradley Moss said... cream!! Next time you make pancakes in your pj's can I come?