Friday, July 24, 2009

not mopey. really. just mediocre.

that's cheerful.

clin's response after reading last night's post.

he didn't mean it. cheerful, that is. there was a bit of sarcasm to those italics.

but he didn't get it. there was no personal pity behind the post. or mopey sadness. just truth.

i wasn't searching for compliments. although nice. i'm just trying to come to terms. with my reality. and i'm okay with that.

most of us are mediocre. with aspirations for more.

and maybe, after 32 years, it's good to be. and accept. mediocrity.


Batman Forever said...

I'm the queen of mediocrity, and sadly, it tells me in my patriarchal blessing to try to rise above mediocrity. This has not happened yet. I'm happy right in the middle.

Drifthegamer said...

What if we are happy with our mediocrity? Nice hair, by the way.

Jacks said...

Right on - joy in the middle. I think maybe that's the point. Coming to happy terms with wherever we are. And I need to be okay with that.

And usually my hair looks mediocre - but that is a good angle for my hair right now. So thanks!

alanaeaton said...

So happy you've returned to the blogging world...I've missed you. You're not mediocre, Jackie. You finally have a bit of down time after an incredibly crazy last few months, and you're taking it easy for a change. Enjoy relaxing--it probably won't last.
Good advice about washing the inside of the cooler. I miss you guys.