Sunday, August 15, 2010

a big, fat, piece of cake.

Yes I am. And whenever I feel like dessert I want to eat more. And then it becomes this mad circle that spirals into a slow motion life of little motivation.

That's right, and top on my no-motivation list? Scrapbooking. Hair. Getting out of bed. Showers. Cleaning. Brushing my teeth. Cooking. Dishes.

And then my resentment increases at others for sitting while I have to move. Because. I. don't. want. to. move.

To fight this? I made lemon squares AND Halfway cookies yesterday. Today I plan on making the homemade oreos.

But I have a really good reason. Payment for the substitutes in primary. 36 instructors equals a lot of subs. And the few who actually say yes to subing are getting burnt out.

So my evolution into dessert will be shared, so that the majority of these feelings will not end up in my stomach. But on someone else's doorstep.

And then I will go back to bed.


SMoss said...

What are halfway cookies? The name intrigues me. You are a nice Primary worker to give treats to the subs. Indeed, you are pretty much incredible all the way around.

AmyMak said...

I want to sub for you! And don't worry, motivation will go up. Hibernation is needed every once in awhile

Arianne said...

I bet word will get around in the ward and pretty soon you'll have people begging to sub in primary...just for your homemade oreos. :)