Thursday, August 5, 2010

going to kindergarten.

So Tuesday was the day. Summer officially over. And in our anticipation we set out her clothes the night before. 7:30 am, who should peek into our room?

Millie. Fully dressed. And ready to go.

Me: When did you get dressed? Have you been up for awhile?

Millie: No. I slept in them.

I still haven't established when she and how she accomplished this, because at midnight she was still in the p.j.'s.

Of note on the first day of the kindergarten:

--push chairs in when the teacher calls you up.

--Don't throw bark.

--If you can't get on the swing by yourself then you are not old enough to swing.

And we have been practicing the hand motions required for requesting use of the bathroom. All day.

Millie and I plan on implementing these rules with Clin.


AmyMak said...

Good luck with Clin. He's probably a hard one to train.

Bradley Moss said...

Congrats to the kindergartner for being so big and smart! Hope Clin can reach her level!

Clin A. Eaton said...

Nope. I will continue to throw bark willy-nilly and you already know the hand guesture I use when I need to go potty.

Emmy said...

Millie's in kindergarten! Year round school...
I'm hoping our last 3 weeks go by slowly...