Thursday, August 12, 2010

looking for space in the freezer.

30 meals in 1 day.

Yes I did.

And i turned 9 of those into double for a grand total of 39.

That equals 10 meals per month. For the next 4 months. That's the plan.

Outside of that it's pb&j.

or cereal.


AmyMak said...

cI don't know how to make freezer meals that taste good! Need tutorial. I'm very impressed. Did you get your scrapbook done too?

Arianne said...

Wow! Impressive! I think you should tell what the meals are...and how you did it so that I can copy you. I may have to call you.

Jacks said...

I bought a book a few years ago that has the grocery lists and plans for preparation all put together. So I don't have to think, only read and follow directions.

They have the option of a 15 or 30 day meal plan.

The latest I used was 30 and we have not tried any of the recipes. So AmyMak, I'm completely testing the fates with this. I think I ruined one of the recipes, but froze it anyway because we need the meals. So I'm completely experimenting on my family.

However, many of the meals are throw in the crockpot, or prepare all the individual elements now, freeze them separately and then on the day of eating that recipe I throw the ingredients together and cook. Those kinds usually turn out just fine frozen.

It's the meals that are completely cooked ahead of time and then frozen that tend to not be as good. So I only had a few of those and will let you know...

Emmy said...

wow. I need to do that. Get all the cooking done in one day for the month. good for you. Good luck this school year!