Thursday, January 13, 2011

slow to start.

What began as a very encouraging first week back in school has now turned into the traumatic, looming, forecasting of things to come. Really. I hear the haunting music in the background. Right now.

Stats quiz #1 - 40%. Yeah for me!!!! I have two more chances to take the thing. However, the questions change with each try.

And honest - I thought I had control of the content, otherwise I would have in no way attempted the quiz.

Fear now ensues.


Clin A. Eaton said...

When you look at a 40% sideways, it looks like a little head with a beard wearing a Robin hood hat.

Arianne said...

That happened to me in physics. I thought I knew the material...and thought I did well on the test...until I got back the 50% (every single time). You'll make it through!