Thursday, January 6, 2011

so proud...

of my genes.

Millie is getting the glasses. I thought that perhaps two negatives might make a positive.

Clin - glasses in 1st grade


Jackie - glasses in 1st grade


Glasses in Kindergarten!!!!

I sat in on the eye exam and was pretty surprised at how large the letters had to be for Millie to see them. And this is our gift to you.

Millie sassed the optometrist. Yes she did.

I will NOT wear glasses.

I will NOT try on glasses.

Even though she has 2 friends who wear glasses.

She pointed to a picture of herself on the computer from last summer: I want to be her.

What do you mean?

I want to be me. Not with glasses.

How does a 5 year old make the connection that glasses will change an individual? Where does that come from? The same conclusion that I made many years ago, when my self image was based on the idea that glasses decreased individual attraction. And worked an entire summer to save for contacts. That were supposed to make me less shy and increase beauty.

It didn't work.

She picked out some specs, and now looks for them in the mail everyday. Excited to wear them to see the MDT Review. Hoping it might make a difference in what she can see.

I think they will make her completely awesome. When we chose baby names, Clin and I tried to choose names that we could envision on little girls with glasses.

See. We planned it this way.


Emmy said...

ohhh! Millie is getting glasses! She'll be a beauty in them. They have so many attractive glasses now, not like when we were children. We shall see whose genes dominate w/me and Ben... (oh I hope Ben's)
Looking forward to seeing you guys in April! I miss you and Clin.

GrannyLanny said...

Millie or Amelia lookss beautiful in her glasses. I don't know how she could see through them at the Musical Revue--She kept taking them off and on and they were one giant smudge...but she seemed pleased with them.