Friday, February 6, 2009


Dear Clin,

How are you doing? I thought that perhaps we could open a new line of communication via blog. That perhaps it might make up for the amount of time we are not seeing of each other. You know, the few minutes between your after school rehearsal, 30 min drive home, quick dinner that flows into bathing of the girls before you speed off to performance, or I run to rehearsal.

I saw you for a few minutes last night, in the shadows of the bathroom light, as I washed the stage makeup from my face. You were asleep.

But we connected somewhere around 3:00 AM when I heard a noise and asked if it was Millie. You grunted a noise that I took as yes, and it was nice to know that we were thinking the same thing.



Clin A. Eaton said...

Hello wife! It is good to talk to you. I do not recall any mysterious grunts (from myself or said daughter Millie). By the way, Kristina said Ellis was great but Millie was too busy being entertained by Porter so she moved her into her own bed. Hopefully Millie didn't poop in it. Remember to call your mother and cancel the babysitter for tonight. I believe I shall see you at some point tomorrow when we go to Ari's wedding. It will be nice to meet up again.

Jacks said...

I can't wait.

And I talked to dad and mom at 8:00 AM this morning (what an awful hour that is), and they can no longer come. So don't purchase tickets and let's start thinking of the many more times we will need babysitting next weekend.

Hopefully I will remember the details as to why they can't come and will fill you in tomorrow.

Oh - are you coming home after school today? Or staying to take the students to the performance tonight? My heart yearns for some Cafe Rio and would love it if you joined.

Judy Tan said...

this is creepy..........just text each other like normal, healthy, couples who never see each other do. I feel dirty.

Jacks said...

Wait! What's dirty???? Cause Clin said poop?