Thursday, February 19, 2009

spreading good news!

Lupe and Judy (my highly photogenic sister) at work

One reason to move to Texas? My sister is Teacher of the Month! Now if only I could move there AND go back to grade school. That would be awesome.

So that's the good news. That and Ellis seems to be okay from our trauma of last week.

What else?

Tonight is officially opening night, which means I no longer have rehearsals.

And whenever someone young is kind to me, I'm always taken aback. (Where does that come from? Have I always been shocked by kind hearted babes?) The talented youth from the show - we're talking talent of the insane variety: dancing, singing, flipping, and looking beautiful all at the same time WHILE keepng their clothes on - have been so kind to me. Proof? I've been invited to be their friend on Facebook. Serious!!! I know! So next time you visit my profile, go check out the beauties on my friend list.

Only 4 more evenings of babysitters and then Daddy's home. We CAN make it.


Judy Tan said...

Oh, You made me famous!

Jacks said...

No - you made yourself famous! I'm just spreading the word.

I was going to post an amazing picture of you as well, but the girls are still napping and my pics are in Ellis's room. But if you send me an electronic photo - I will totally post it! You rock!

Judy Tan said...

What on earth makes you think I have an e-photo of myself on hand? lolololol

Sherry Carpet said...

i wish i could be there on opening night...have fun!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear happiness and joy in this post!!!

And CONGRATS to your sister!!! What a great accomplishment!!

Did you find that cash register? I'm sure it was gone 'cause it was such a good deal. I'm still kickin' myself over not buying it for you!

AmyMak said...

Jackie, I just discovered your blog. I LOVE it! You're now going to be on mine so I can see everytime you update. Love your sense of humor...of course I do, you are married to Clin!

Jacks said...

Hi AmyMak - nice to see you here. I think you're funny. So there!