Tuesday, February 10, 2009

too emotional to even think of a title...

Today Ellis decided to do a swan dive out of the grocery cart, into a forward flip, and land on her lower extremities in Wal-Mart.

As I ran toward her, trying to stop her mid-flight, I screamed damn it. And then quickly scooped her into my arms, ready to see blood, or broken, or something outside of normal.

She cried and seemed okay. Looking at her, as she wiggled, incessantly pointing away from me, I had visions of blood pooling in her brain. Ready to sit down in the aisle and cry a bit, I chose to ignore my emotions and carried her towards her pointer finger. Where she stopped crying to talk to a princess backpack.

That's right. She risked life for a princess backpack. Damn those princesses.

And we quickly checked out when she pointed at her cheek and said, ow. I could not stop comparing the two sides of her face. Was that a black eye? A swollen cheek? Was this side of her lip swollen. The bone next to her right eye seemed larger than the bone next to her left. Was I imagining something? Was there more blood pooling? Is her ear red? Can she hear me? Is she deaf now? Why does she keep ignoring me? Oh, a princess wand. Damn those too.

And I checked to make sure her pupils were dilating correctly. To see if she could walk. Could she laugh? Was she happy? And when she fell asleep I kept nudging her every 5 min or so just to make sure she was responding. And she was. And a few nurse phone calls and a nap later - she is now climbing on me, teasing, and laughing. as if swan dives and flips are natural genetic actions in this family.

And to a mother that is surviving off of 5 hour nights, I say hallelujah and damn. All at the same time.


alanaeaton said...

That's motherhood in a nutshell--
"Hallelujah and damn!" I'm so glad she's all right--it may take you longer to recover.

Felicity said...

I feel so bad laughing, but you tell such a good story. I hope YOU feel better soon. Glad Ellis survived her foray into Walmart acrobatics.

Anonymous said...

How SCARY!!! I'm glad she's alright though! Reading your post brought back the worst memory of my life when JJ fell and actually did do damage to his precious face! His surgeon told us that the number one cause of head injuries (and surgeries) is falling out of shopping carts. I am so glad Ellis is okay!!! Maybe now, my heart can stop beating so fast!

Judy Tan said...

I dropped Bryan in the parking lot of Fred Meyer. Kirstin dropped you off of the kitchen counter. She'll be fine. .....On Second thought, go ahead and get a CT Scan.

Sherry Carpet said...

i hate those princesses too. but i love your girls and am glad ellis is okay. i went pretty crazy when ally fell off the couch onto our tile floor in miami. maybe those helmets are a good idea? j/k

Annaca said...

Bizzy fell down a couple stairs on Sunday and TOTALLY got a black eye. She's had a shiner all week, and I haven't taken her out much for fear that someone will call social services on me. Maybe I'll let her see daylight by next Thursday... Glad you all survived your ordeal. I'm gonna say "amen" to your "Hallelujah and damn!!"

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