Wednesday, June 25, 2008

eating and eating and eating (part 2)...

The following is a continuation of my report on our trip to New York with a group of 64 - most of whom were high school theatre and film students.

Clin's Detour:

Great idea Clin. Walk to central park from the Natural History Museum (just across the street) but take a detour since it's lunchtime. We walk about four blocks south and one or two blocks west in search of the infamous Gray's Papaya. All with a group of about 60 hungry/tired people. But it was worth it. We arrived, lined up and they had us out of there in about 30 minutes. Most got the recession special: 2 hot dogs and a papaya drink for $3.50. This includes the tax. Yup - that is a true special. And I will say - best hot dogs ever. I mean it. Costco hot dogs are dust in comparison.

Then we, as a group, headed south one more block and returned east a block to hit Magnolia Bakery. Again - I thought it would be crazy. Clin and I visited the original location a couple of years ago and it is tiny. I thought the group would be lined up the rest of the week, and no way would we make it to Central Park. We were out of there in 15 minutes. They were fast, the location is much larger, and they have room to sit down and eat. It was very enjoyable.
And can I just mention? - I'm not a cake fan. Never have been - but the banana pudding beats all and was worth it.

Thank you Meredith for the banana pudding tip. That's right, Clin and I have a New York friend (although we knew her back in the Provo days), and not only was she kind enough to give us tips on the best - she works at the store. She also decides what is made each day as well as does teh writing on the cakes. And her story is really interesting - so head to her blog and read if you're interested.

Public Apology Tangent:

Meredith -
I'm sorry that I didn't end up calling you on Saturday of our trip. By the end of the week, we were so tired and focused on getting kids where they were going, that it never seemed liked we had much time to plan ahead and do anything. Please don't feel slighted. I'm not really great at friend making, or keeping. So I hope this didn't spoil the friendship that may have remained. I'm so proud of you and will keep reading your blog and living vicariously through you. Jackie

Other food eaten:

Norma's - Told the wait was 45 minutes, ended up waiting 2 hours. Mom and Dad actually waited with us. After that wait anything would taste good. I orded exactly what I had 2 years ago - The Waz-za. It is a waffle with fruit in it and fruit on top with a creme brulee top. The creme brulee is what forced me to get it. Now that I look back, I would have preferred to return to S'Mac or Peanut Butter & Co.

Max Brenner: Chocolate by the bald man - Overrated. I was so looking forward to this place. I was expecting to be wowed. It was compared to Willie Wonka, a menu of all desserts. Clin and I ordered the Sharing, which is a Tasting for Two of their different treats. Always the way to go when there are too many choices, right? Wrong this time.

Let's refer to this visual. We received a plate of items (above) that included: 1) chocolate and peanut butter snack, 2) banana split waffle, 3) chocolate sauce, 4) pop rock candy chocolate lick, 5) chocolate-covered ice cream.

Then they also brought us a dark chocolate fondue (upper right of the picture), with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and a grill to toast the marshmallows.

We were so sick. It was too much. Too rich, too dark, and did I mention too much? (My favorite was the pop rock candy chocolate lick). One problem was that we had no idea how we were supposed to eat some of the items, if other things were meant to mix with others, and soon everything began tasting the same.

A warning to the wise - stick with the milkshakes. Everyone seemed to love them.


merebuff said...

No worries about Saturday. I was sicker than a dog with bronchitis. I thought that I should call as well, but was barely coherent. I am so glad that I go to see you briefly on Thursday and that you had a good time in New York. Hopefully I will still be here for your next trip out here!

Jacks said...

Good. My guilt is officially gone. Not that I'm glad you were sick - just glad that I didn't make you feel worse:)