Thursday, June 26, 2008

saying, "Come on! Be a Parent."

I learned some new parenting techniques while in New York.

If you care about your child going to college, keeping a scholarship, moving on in life - and if all of those things depend upon that said child taking the ACT, then it should probably happen before a trip to New York.

If, by some crazy act of allignment that no previous ACT times workout and the last and final opportunity to take the test arrives at the same time this child happens to be in New York - the following is highly recommended:
  1. Know the Time and Date of the ACT test.

  2. If the test is at NYU - make sure that the child knows which building, a room number, and has a telephone number to contact the testing service just in case. Walking into an NYU building on a random Saturday morning and asking where to go to take the test probably will not work.

  3. Know the required method of payment and make sure the child has that type of payment. Asking roomates if they brought a check book the night before the test will not solve the problem for two reasons: 1) It doesn't have the child's name or address on it, 2) It is an out of state check.

Good advice for us all - I would say.

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Arianne said...

That was so crazy. Seriously. Makes you wonder how some people will ever make it through life.