Monday, June 30, 2008


Signs that I'm about to start my period:
  1. I cannot get out of bed. I sleep heavier than at any other time, and it takes me a long time to actually wake up - even if I am walking and have taken a shower.
  2. My entire body aches.
  3. Everything that I do annoys Clin.
  4. Everything that Clin does annoys me.
  5. I have no sympathy, or patience for my daughter's actions.
  6. Everything makes me anxious.
  7. Dogs barking make me want to own a gun.
  8. I cannot wake up from naps.
  9. I feel that I have completely offended everyone.
  10. I don't talk to others for fear of offending them.
  11. I over analyze everything. Phone conversations, looks, actions, and emails. For example: I receive an email and assume it is targeted to me. So I quickly hit, Reply All - defend my actions, hit send, and then worry the rest of the night that my response was without tact and once again will offend.

In summation: I turn a bit crazy.

I'm even overthinking what I'm doing posting this, and will overanalyze everyone's comments and then I think that no one will comment and that I will be okay, but then I think aren't parents reading this and won't they be offended, and then I remind myself that my whole purpose in blogging is to get over my fear of offending everyone, and then I know that I will continue in this thought cycle until I actually start my period.


Judy Tan said...

Ok, first of all I am not offended, second of all 28 days went by really fast, thirdly...are you holding a gun? Jack, those feeling although not uncommon, aren't normal. Talk to your doctor. Help is on its way. You and your loved ones could be on your way to not running and hiding in the dark corners of your house for one week of every month. You shouldn't have to think so much about awful Aunt Flo. Because it doesn't have to be that bad.....should it? Stop being a trooper. Dig your family out of the trenches and make a dr. appt. You will be glad you did. :)

Renae said...

Your parents are not offended. What a lousy time for you. How brave of you to take on 3 extra kids. Made for a very entertaining blog.

Jacks said...

Judy - 28 days aren't up yet. I just assumed that the masses reading this (HA!) would post that they have the same symptoms and that we could all relate on a new level. So now your comment begets the question: If I'm feeling this way one or two days a month - does that require medication all 30 days?