Tuesday, June 24, 2008

star struck.

The following is a continuation of my report on our trip to New York with a group of 64 - most of whom were high school theatre and film students.

Walking around New York, visiting the theatre, mingling with the famous.

  1. Mario Lopez - Hot dog vendor by day, member of the cast of A Chorus Line by night. He walked right by me wearing a back pack and white tank top. (And no I am not stalking him - I'm thinking perhaps I have some type of magnetism that just draws A. C. Slater to me.) He is shorter in person.

  2. Lead Singer of Counting Crows - Enjoyed In The Heights with him. We shared a moment. He a few rows in front of me....me, a few rows behind. His hair is much crazier in person.

  3. John Slattery - Clin spotted him in the will call line for Boeing Boeing. Right in front of us. Yes, I could reach out and nuggy that beautiful grey head of his. Instead, Clin touched him on the shoulder and I promptly looked down, or at other people, or anywhere else so that he would know that I was not associated with Clin nor did I, in any way, support Clin's actions. Clin said that he enjoyed him in Ed (which I really did enjoy him in), and he said "Thank you, I enjoyed doing that show." I got the feeling that he was not pleased to be pointed out like that in a crowd. Clin did not get that feeling. Again - he is short.
  4. Mr. Charlie's Angels - spotted in the will call line for Boeing Boeing. He went up to Mr. Slaterly and shook his hand and the two stood in front of the theatre talking for quizte awhile. Must be the mutual actors association - you know, both act.... Perhaps there is a trust involved if you both act in major movies/TV. Mr. Angel is also short.
  5. Megan Mullaly - We saw a few famous in various productions - but our group got to stay after Young Frankenstein and talk with cast members. Megan happened to join the cast members and talk with us. This is what I learned: She is short, didn't get Will & Grace until in her 40s and thus totally looks younger than she is, she let the other (lesser known) cast members talk most, has never had voice lessons, very down to earth. Go Megan!


Sherry Carpet said...

sassy haircut, jax! i am really jealous that you sat so close to adam duritz. i saw him in a smallish concert once but he was pretty drunk and getting drunker with each song (and beer). wish we could have joined you in nyc. maybe next time.

Bryan Summers said...

Was it the real Mario Lopez serving hot dogs or a guy that looked like Mario Lopez? Cause I'm thinking about posting on my blog that you saw him serving hot dogs but I don't want to be embarrassed if it wasn't him.

Jacks said...

It was THE real Mario Lopez. We think it may have been a promotional thing - there were school kids around the hot dog cart. But we did not see video cameras. I wish we could have watched for a while.

Judy Tan said...

Was it the real Bryan Summers asking about the real Mario Lopez? Cause I'm thinking about writing about the real Bryan Summers asking about Mario Lopez, but I don't even know if he even would. Did he even like Saved By the Bell? I mean other than Screech? Ooooo maybe it was Screech and not the Real Bryan Summers asking about Slater (I mean Mario Lopez), because the Real Bryan Summers asking about the Real Mario Lopez is just plain creepy. Yep, I'm thinking it was Screech.