Friday, August 14, 2009

in love.

i love Carol Channing. i do. absolutely. she is crazy. and amazing. fearless. and probably a diva. but i don't care. she is funny. and talented. she says what she is thinking and does whatever. and when i grow up, i hope i'm the same way.

and if you are one of those people that think i'm insane for being entertained by Carol, then i would bet that you have never seen her perform in person. and if you have, and you still think that.....well, then i would say that you have poor taste.

i saw her live, in a tour of Hello, Dolly, my senior year of high school. my thoughts were entranced. i was hypnotized. i couldn't fathom how someone that age, 74-ish at the time, could dance and sing, and act and be on stage for most of the 2 hours. but more than that? she made the show new. lines that i had memorized and said, and tired of, became funny in a new way. and i wasn't so sick of Dolly Levi anymore.

AND, she was better than Barbara.

i said it.

and i mean it.

and i'll never take it back.

her voice, her interactions, her insanely huge mouth, brought reality to the character. the small quirks, and craziness that everyone has in one way or another? you know, what makes us real? Carol just is Carol. and that is what made Dolly interesting.

why am i even talking about this? this week on Kathy Griffin My Life on the D List...

yes i love that show. it is crude sometimes. but it makes me laugh. and since i'm not crude. and can't be. can't i enjoy someone else with the freedom? I say yes.

...Kathy asked Carol to come and present her with a star on the Palm Beach walk of fame. she did this by handwriting a note and sticking it to Carol's front entry with a piece of gum.

Carol showed up! and presented the star. didn't know Kathy. didn't care about the gum. and was fun.ny.

i love her.

that's all.

photo via zemistor


Drifthegamer said...

lolol--did you see the episode of the d-list when Kathy was in Vegas with Bette Midler. They ate deep fried twinkies and sang happy Birthday to some random guy on the street....priceless.

Jacks said...

Yes I did. And I loved it!