Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So remember this? Thanks to a neighbor, one YouTube video, and a few phone calls to Papa Eaton, Clin was able to fix a sprinkler valve.

I know! Handiness does run in the family. Just not much patience. To get to the needed result.

But we didn't have to hire. Nor do we have dead grass.

What we do have?


So now, we need some dirt. A whole lot 'o' dirt. To stuff under the sidewalk. And build back up our flower bed.

Any recommended dirt shops?

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Bradley Moss said...

You can either go the "bags of soil" route or pay a bit more to have a whole ton of soil dumped for you. If you need a lot then it's worth the price to have someone bring it to you (and it's always really nice soil!), but if you could do it with several bags then I think it would be cheaper (though more tough on the back!). Good luck - let us know if we can help. I've got Bradley the Handyman at your service.