Tuesday, August 25, 2009

writing a letter.

Dear insurance company,

I realize that you are trying to earn money. and save it at the same time. but i want to know why you can't just pay for laser surgery. on my eyes. it's expensive. for me too. but wouldn't you save a ton 'o' money in the long run if you didn't have to pay for my yearly exams? and glasses or contacts? and isn't health care supposed to be about making life better for the individual?

So if my eyes were healed. i would still pay you for the insurance. but i would go to the eye doctor less. and so that money i'm paying you? would stay with you. you wouldn't be at the mercy of some crazy doc who recommends crazy things.

like glasses.


you could just watch those green bills pile up in your large vaults. of bills.

sure, the docs would have less clients. but who cares about them. right? this is between you and me. and it sounds pretty win, win for us both.

think about it. let me know.



angee said...

I am SO THERE!! We just had this conversation this week!!! Ahh! Someday, when I'm rich!

Although I'm spending the same amount on eye exams and contacts! UGH!

Bradley Moss said...

Can I send this letter to my insurance company?


Mary said...

I may just send the letter to my insurance company too.

Anna said...

Hear, hear! Speaking of insurance companies... I've called mine 10 times (average time per call: 40 min.) since March. They said I wasn't covered and I WAS. I kept calling and telling my story. I found out last week that I won! Yes, their computer system had a "plan loading" error and I get my money. Sadly, I wonder who else fell victim to the system error and just gave up. You have my vote for lasik coverage.

Jacks said...

Wow, hmmm. Perhaps start a grass roots campaign to lobby for it???

Anna, I would have been one to give up. Way to stick with it.