Thursday, August 6, 2009

in pursuit of...

I had this evening to myself.

I could have been productive.

Updating and prepping my course for fall semester. Relearning math skillz for the GRE. or. better yet. writing a talk for Sunday.

Instead. I spent all evening creating the image you see above.

Thanks Cassandra for giving me something to do.


While I'm here, let's have a bit of a story:

Sunday night we arrived home from visiting Oregon Grandparents.
Monday, around midnight, Clin walked into Millie's room to check on her.

She stood up on her bed and declared:

I want to go back to grandmas.

Then promptly layed back down and returned to sleep.

p.s. Millie was the stylist for the photo. She really did her hair like this. this morning.


Amanda said...

Funny Millie!
I remember the first time Aybra did her own hair for school, I wished I had a button to pin on her that stated "I did my hair myself".

Cassandra Nelson said...

Awesome Jackie! I love it!

Jacks said...

Cassandra Thanks! It's all because of you. You're my mentor!!! Thanks for teaching me how.