Wednesday, August 26, 2009


and these are my thoughts:

i'm sorry if i was mean to you growing up. i know that sometimes i really was mean to people. but a lot of times i also just didn't talk to you. right? it wasn't because i didn't like you. it was because i assumed that you didn't like me. so i kept quiet. because then i wouldn't have to be judged anymore than i already knew you were judging me. now i realize that people who are quiet can also seem to be stuck up. or mean. or not to care. but i really did care. just couldn't show it. because then your rejection wouldn't hurt so much.

photo via z1784


angee said...

Hey! Thanx for the comment on my blog. I thought you'd forgotten about me!! Let's get together! I don't have your phone number so you call me! I'd love to see your new place and have the kids play together again! We miss you guys!

(Can I use any more exclamation points in one post?!)

Jacks said...

Hi Angee-

How could I forget about you? I have lost our ward list. I put it somewhere very, very safe during the move. And still can't find that safe spot.

I love exclamation points!!!! And I will find your number and call.