Tuesday, September 29, 2009

biased again.

I'm not sure. Perhaps this has come up before. But I would like to admit it again.

I don't like beautiful women. I just don't.

I realize that those of you who I do like are now re-evaluating our friendship, thinking that I just called you ugly. But no. I'm not talking about your down to earth beauty (which I find to be the most attractive.)

I'm talking about those women who are so beautiful that you can't stop staring. Wondering which lab and who they were cloned from?

Have you ever noticed that they seem to congregate together?

I just saw four. Walking, sitting, and clinging to one another.

All in heels and makeup with long, loosely curled hair and banana republic looking dresses. Actually something more than the republic. Only I don't know what it would be.

And I was completely put off. I knew that I didn't like them. Because:

  1. They were all together. And the word that came to mind was clique - having no desire to interact with those of us of normal caliber.

  2. They looked perfect. Per.fect. Really. Who has time for that? I don't. And I guess it's about values. I don't value spending time on such things. Me? I value reading, or working, or sleep. Okay. I really just value sleep.

  3. Who has money to spend on that? Nude shoes that match a nude dress? How often does one wear nude heels? Money spent on matching bags and matching makeup and keeping that hair blond. Um, I tried blond once and I know about upkeep. Never again. A bit of insanity goes into that. I would rather spend my money on bills, dirt, ballet classes or a PhD application.

So why am I sharing this? Because I thought it. And I am biased. And I know that's mean. I don't think it will ever go away. But admitting it kind of makes me feel better.

photo via Tammy Manet


The Irishman said...

The sad part for those girls is, you don't have to buy Dolce or Prada or Coach to look like that. Style is all about wearing quality clothing that fits you. Your body type, your personality, your budget. And you can get it from any number of stores, both swanky and everyday.

Personally I am tired of seeing all these girls wearing cloths that don't fit them. Just because skinny jeans are THE style right now, doesn't mean you need to make yourself look like an over stuffed sausage attached to a muffin.

But, I could go on forever. I agree Jacks, with kids it is hard to work up enough energy to care overmuch, or to put enough time into something like that. Take care.


Clin A. Eaton said...

Guess who's getting a subscription to Vogue for Christmas...

amy said...

This must be why you hate me. I'm simply too beautiful for your liking. ;)

Allison Nelson said...

Yo girlfriend, you called me beautiful recently on your trip to NY, and I can confidently assume you were referring to my "inner" beauty! :) I really liked this post. Its so true. Perfectly polished, coifed women make us ALL uncomfortable. I think it takes the focus away from WAY more important things. When people are a little bit frumpy, it makes me feel at home and comfortable with them. Thats why I aim for frumpy. J/K. But seriously, our society should talk less of appearance and more of our spirits, our beings, our souls. Oh, and NO one should own NUDE shoes.

Jacks said...

You are so funny, y'all. And Kevin - agree with you regarding skinny jeans.

Clin - you just want me to tell you how much I hate everything I see, or how awful it looks. Funny man.

Amy - Oops, I forgot about the nude shoes you wear. I kind of like you too much cause of your down to earthiness beauty. As in I just want to be you. Except for the chemistry class you are taking right now. I wouldn't want that.

Allison - yeah, well you are really beautiful. And when I saw you in NY, I completely mistook you for one of the women I am talking about here. Except that you talked to me, so basically that's an automatic in:) And as for frumpy, I told Clin when he proposed that I planned on being pleasantly plump and he would have to agree to that. I don't know that he believed me.