Friday, September 18, 2009

saving me some money!

You ever seen 40 pounds of chicken?

Lucky you. Today is your day!

And this is 40 pounds of chicken packaged and ready for my freezer.

Guess what's for dinner?


Arianne said...

Whoa. I'm impressed. I cooked four pounds of chicken yesterday for the freezer and I thought I was so great. You put me to shame.

Bradley Moss said...

Ooh! I did that last fall when it was on sale at Albertsons...I think we're still eating that frozen chicken. Good luck - if you want company eating chicken we'll help out!

Jacks said...

Last time I did this, it lasted almost 2 years.

Arianne - none of it is cooked. I just cut and separated based on an estimate of pounds and how much we eat.

Shawnda - I completely missed you guys at the drama opening social. I felt a little lonely.

Judy Tan said...

OMG--That makes me never want chicken again. ARE your mother's child.

Marshall said...

I'd get takeout. Chinese maybe?

Jacks said...

thanks Marshall. You are a funny, funny man.

Judy- I just get tired of going to the store to buy chicken, you know? Now I just open the freezer and it is there.