Thursday, September 24, 2009

in a pattern...

...that consists of this:

  1. 4 year old disappears

  2. and is found sitting in closet with door closed

  3. multiple times in one day.

  4. screaming for mom to wipe when

  5. underwear needs to be cleaned out.

  6. waking multiple times throughout the night

  7. to again wipe up the screams.

  8. and emergencies similar to this occurring at the store, or library, or dance, or [choose your own adventure and place it here.]

Yesterday, in an attempt to end the cycle, we spent all day on time out. Not any old time out, but pooping time out. Where the offender spends a day in a toy-less room until success.

And treasures of movies, treats, library, hot dogs, and bike rides were laid out before the prisoner in an attempt to hurry up this process.

Eight hours later, success. And a trip to the library, with hot dogs for dinner.

But I will admit. It felt like prison for all. And we are cherishing our current freedom until the cycle picks up. again.

photo via 'smil

1 comment:

angee said...

Good luck!!! Wow! She has been tough!
Sounds like you're being an amazing mom, as always! Thinking of you!