Thursday, September 3, 2009


to go back to school.


i want a doctor before my name. if not for any reason other than to tell clin that he has to refer to me as doctor...

and i think it would be fun.

you know. when you get a thought and your stomach goes all giddy? that is me. giddy 'ol me. lately. everytime i think about getting some aloneness in a quiet room, overflowing with stacks and stacks of books. ruminating in my own thoughts. and taking time to do it.

and there are lots of reasons to go to that place.

+ grant money that, if accepted, could afford me a degree with little or no debt on my part.

+ distance program to enable me to work from home. while the girlies pull and scream at my elbows.

+ secure my position teaching online.

+ future in teaching/research more of a possibility.

and a few negatives. too.

- program is in nursing. and i don't want to study geriatrics. but possibility they could let me stretch my degree to cover my interests.

- i have to re-take the GRE. and my math skills stink.

- kiddies at home. still. as in, not in school. yet. which equals pulling and screaming at my elbow.

- clin not so supportive of the timing. but it's about me. right?

But there's so much more behind this. personal, cultural, economic and social influences.

what would you do?


Clin A. Eaton said...

You're already a doctor- a Doctor of Love.

Megara said...

You teach online? Too cool. And if you need math help, I am your woman. Did you know I am a math teacher? I don't know that there is ever a perfect time for school, but do it while you can and while you are ambitious enough to get it done! Oh, and what do you teach?

Jacks said...

HA, HA Clin. That is a really poor lie.

Megara - I may take you up on your offer. Serious, I took a practice GRE test and got fewer than 50% correct.

I teach a Research Methods course that focuses on Aging studies. I have taught an Intro to Gerontology course in the past, and am planning on creating a new course for the Gerontology program at the U in Aging and the Arts...if I can just get all of my resources organized:)

ad65shorty said...

So cool!! Let us know what you decide!

Bradley Moss said...

You and Bradley need to be career students! You both salivate at the thought of studying (which is so completely not my idea of fun!). I say GO FOR IT!! The timing will never be right, so do it now. It will be totally worth it. I'll take the girls on a regular schedule and they can play with Isabel. And if you canm do it without a lot of debt then double the "do it now" factor. Wahoo!!!

Marshall said...

I'm in full favor of whatever Clin does not support.

Mary said...

Your items in the plus column seem very good. I always tell people considering more schooling that the time will pass anyway -- might as well spend it getting a degree. But recently someone suggested I get a master's and I freaked out. It will take too long, it's too expensive, etc.

amy said...

I am completely in favor of higher education! However, I am struggling with Chemistry right now, (a pre-req to the masters degree I want to apply for) and am trying to get ready for the GRE! I'm so stressed out that all other areas of my life are going to the dogs. And my kids are all in school!

AmyMak said...

Oh this seems like a woman's issue that is just too juicy to pass on. Sigh...the never ending battle in my own mind of career vs. motherhood. My mother got her Doctorate while I was in high school; it was good timing for her family though very hard to juggle both (I only realize that now - I was clueless than). It proved to herself she could do it, she was able to teach at a college level but I don't think it brought the esteem and independence she thought it would. Timing is important - would you be able to be the mom you want to be and the student you want to be? Right now? Are you doing it for personal fulfillment or the world's validation - b/c I completely understand both. I need and crave both and haven't been able to completely step away from working a little bit. I think it's good for me. Done with kids? Would another babe interrupt schooling or make you resent having children? Is it better when kids are in school? Now I feel I'm butting in but you did ask, right? And Clin doesn't lie; I fully believe you're the Dr. of Love :)

Jacks said...

AmyMak - you aren't butting in. Both you and Amy bring up good points and good questions. Which is why I just want someone to smack me over the head with the answer. I keep going back and forth between everything.

But Marshall brings up a fabulous reason for going forward... very funny man, Marshall.