Wednesday, September 23, 2009

reading you.

Do you ever read blogs and leave them feeling like an awful, horrible, person, mom?

If you answer no, then you are not human. And I think you're lying.


I do.

Because today I left each blog a worse person than the one who entered.

And I hope that I never do that. Let you leave feeling worse than you did when you started reading. I want you to say:

Thank goodness. At least I'm not her. I will always be one parenting step above. I've got my act together, and my rockin' mom skilz workin' it in comparison.
And I think that shall be my gift to the world. Maybe not the gift to my children. But to the world? Yes.


Mary said...

I have some blogs I read that should make me inspired to be better, but I'm like you -- I creep away afterward.

That's why I read the tongue-in-cheek Makes me feel normal.

Sherry Carpet said...

my trick for coming away inspired instead of self loathing is to read when i'm in a happy place, preferably with diet coke in hand.

your blog inspires me. you are a true mom. you care, you're genuine, you approach challenges creatively...what more do you expect of yourself?

i need to do a blog post about counting all the rolls of baby fat i am still carrying. that'll show 'em.

Jacks said...

Hee, hee. I've thought about the baby fat post. Really. I have.

Emmy said...

I know the feeling. There are only certain times/moods I can be in when I read certain blogs. (I actually go in big spurts where I don't read any blogs.) Yours and Clin's are exceptions! I always like to see what you two write. Clin's video clips have brought smiles to my face. (Loved the Sound of Music dancing one!) I hope you never feel bad after reading ours (there's never very much to read there....)
I love you Jacks!