Wednesday, September 30, 2009

snacking a conversation at the target.

While sipping on some diet yum and icees, a group of women sat behind us.

The group consisted of a grandma, mother, and her daughter. But the grandmother was old. As in, my grandmothers age. right now. if she was living.

Grandma had an interesting tick, as in she coughed frequently.

After a few rounds of this, Millie yelled very loudly:

Old people...(long pause)...old people...(long pause)...when people are old that means they cough.

In response, trying to assure our neighbors that we are not of the ageist sort chez our table, all I could think to scream in response:

Not necessarily.

And then on to a new topic.

I don't think it worked though. Because the women became pretty quiet.

And then grandma coughed.


photo via soylentgreen23


AmyMak said...

I'm laughing...that is so funny. Esp. you.

alanaeaton said...

Why is it that children always have to utter embarassing comments at the top of their lungs? Why can't they learn the art of whispering?