Tuesday, October 6, 2009

and checking it twice...

Kate Nash Made of Bricks - thank you Pandora for introducing us.

and before i forget, let's add this to the list.

but maybe not every song. because i wouldn't want to have to hide my happy music from sensitive ears...clin.

so let's just try these:

*Foundations - um, okay. i'll have to hide this one. but i'll keep it to myself. (for a clean version video, go here.)
*We Get On
Pumpkin Song
*Skeleton Song
Nicest Thing
*Merry Happy - and this is my favorite. i really like it when she sings, eating cheese on toast.

Go here to listen. I've * my favs.


Tara said...

Just downloaded "Merry Happy." Brilliant. Thanks!

Amy said...

I LOOOOVE Kate Nash...although I notice you left off the s*** song? Hahaha. Merry Happy is my fav too. aaaannnd Pumpkin Soup.

Jacks said...

Yeah Amy! You have good taste. I need to listen to Pumpkin Soup some more. And Tara - I'm glad you listened:) She makes me happy.

Bryan Summers said...

Hey Jackie, I just downloaded your favorite Kate Nash songs. These better be good. Or you owe me three bucks.