Thursday, October 8, 2009

lovin' preschool!

Finally. We have been waiting a month for this to begin.

Why so tardy? The HS students needed to get their lesson plans ready. because this is a class within a class.

And Millie woke up this morning hyper and excited to get dressed. When does that happen?


She got in the car more than happy to tell me that she painted. AND that paint sparkles. We stood in the sun for a good five minutes staring at the shine.

And they did a lot today: paint, search oatmeal for animals, play outside, practice their writing, snack on apples, create a book, and on, and on.

So here we were on an educational high. Until Clin came home.

And reported that a couple of his students just happen to be part of Millie's teaching staff. Evidently Millie was sullen for two hours. Not even compliments on her pink pocka-dotted leggings cracked a smile.

So. Tell me. Can you figure that one out?


shoe8 said...

Kids are so unpredictable at times! I've had so many similar experiences with my kids! Sorry I don't have any spectacular advise-sometimes kids are nervous in certain situations! I never believed it much before but someone once told me that kids are so different for teachers than they are at home! It's the truth for my kids!

angee said...

That is too funny!!! But I'm glad that she enjoyed herself, despite not letting her teachers know! :)

And remember it's only the first week. Maybe she needs some time to warm up. I had that happen with my students before.

Who knows though?! They're so funny sometimes!

Arianne said...

Well, at least she was happy for you...