Thursday, October 22, 2009


that I don't know:

--how to cross multiply.

--the Pythagorean theorem.

--how to choose a title for a sample paragraph.

--that three angles of a triangle equal 180 degrees.

--many, many, many words. or roots of words.

This is what the GRE is teaching me.

In other news:

I fed cooked coke to missionaries tonight. And they loved it. And it wasn't the decaffeinated kind.


Clin A. Eaton said...

When you don't capitalize "coke" it makes me think of the "powdered kind" (which we did not serve). It was very tasty Cafe Rio style pork burritos.

Jacks said...

Ha! Oops.

Arianne said...

Getting the missionaries high...nice. So, I learned similar things when I studied for the GRE (I never took it though...). Does your book have good tricks for learning the math? I liked the Cracking the GRE book because it retaught the math and gave all sorts of helpful hints for remembering formulas and whatnot. Anyway...good luck! And, Cafe Rio style pork burritos are so good.

alanaeaton said...

I need to get the recipe for the burritos...they sound yummy, plus a nice way to get caffeine. Do you soak the pork in the Coke?

angee said...

Love those burritos!!! I'm sure the missionaries didn't care (did they even know?!)