Monday, October 12, 2009

the chaperone.

i spent my weekend as a chaperone. lurking and listening. ready to pounce the second something went wrong, or someone left their room.

reminding everyone:
to whisper,
close doors softly,
walk down halls,
and again,
so the older couple on our floor weren't disturbed.

they were disturbed. 50 teenagers do not understand the meaning of whisper. neither does clin.

but it's fun watching them succeed. and learn. and react. and cry.

and i feel invested. and it's really nice to get to know them. and that's the best part.

photo via erjkprunczyk


Clin A. Eaton said...

The hotel called today. Room 316 broke both of their beds. The manager was rally nice and he's going to try to fix it himself. I said don't, send me an invoice, the school will pay and we'll fine the 4 students for the cost.

Emmy said...

He he he. You're right. Clin doesn't know the meaning of whisper. I remember going to the grocery store with him and telling him just about the whole time to not talk so loud.