Tuesday, October 20, 2009

suspecting a new suspect.

I had reason to suspect. Oh boy did I ever.

When Mr. Furnace showed up, the first thing he said was:

Did you change the batteries?

Um, batteries?

Me, trying to address my stupidity. You know. To make me feel not so stupid: I'm going to feel really stupid if you came all the way out here just to change a battery.

And then he took the thermostat off the wall. No battery.

HA, HA! I don't have to feel stupid. There really is a problem with this thing.

And then he went downstairs to further inspect the furnace.

One second later, the heat came on.

Mr. Furnace: Your furnace switch was off.

Um...okay. Feeling worse about a switch than a battery, I didn't even bring the topic up.

Instead, I let him pretend that he was servicing the furnace. To make the visit seem as if it was worth the $45.00 he was about to charge me.


Bradley Moss said...

Don't feel bad...that exact same thing happened to me this fall. Only I was lucky enough to call Bradley first who figured it out (and never once called me stupid - even though I felt it).

Jacks said...

Okay, next time I will call Bradley. Because I did talk to Clin. And he didn't look at the furnace.....just assumed the worst. As did I. Clin, you're fired. Bradley - hired!

Bradley Moss said...

Hey, I'm all for that if it means we get to see you more! Call Bradley anytime! Isabel and Isaac asked yesterday when Millie and Ellis are going to come and play at our house or when are going to go to Clin and Jackie's...good question. What do you think?

angee said...

We've had this happen before to us!!! Fortunately, we lived in an apartment the first time so our landlord taught us. Now, when we wake up freezing, we know we just need to check the switch! Glad that's all it was!