Thursday, October 1, 2009

replacing someone.

To all of you who are planning on a move,

Important tip: Make sure that you purchase a house from people that no one in the neighborhood likes. That way everyone will love you when you move in.

We made the mistake of purchasing a house from a family that everyone likes. No, everyone LOVES.

Which wouldn't be that bad, except this particular family still lives in the area. They moved far enough away that no one sees them on a daily basis, but they still throw neighborhood barbecues. And their children still go to the same school.

So they are loved. And if they had moved to a different state, then they would only be a memory of love. But here they are living the love and all we do is hear about it.

Mr. Love helped us put up shelves in our garage.

Mrs. Love coordinated a cruise for 8 different couples in the neighborhood.

Mr. Love was a marathon runner. Do you run?

We were just at the Loves' new house for a barbecue. They are wonderful.

Where do you live? Oh! The Loves' old place. I love the Loves!

We just can't live up to the expectations.

Yeah. So we are not handy enough to put up shelves. That is why we purchased this house. Because the Loves had it done.

Cruise? With neighbors? If we had the funds, we'd prefer family. It's true.

Running? My feet barely know how to walk.

Barbecue....we hide inside whenever we see a neighbor. That way we don't have to remember names. Or say hi. Or get out of our comfort zone.

So. Our poor neighborhood did not get an upgrade when we moved in.

Learn from our mistakes, my friends. Purchase from the most hated neighbors and you won't disappoint.


Bradley Moss said...

But you're so much better than the Love's!!! Okay, okay, so I didn't even know them, but I sure know that I would LOVE to have you as neighbors - shelves and cruises are overrated.

Sherry Carpet said...

hard, hard laughter on this one. they don't know how LUCKY THEY ARE yet, but they will learn.

who likes the loves? i know i couldn't WAIT for them to get their do-gooding hineys out of town.

alanaeaton said...

The people who bought your house is Lehi are probably posting a similar blog....everyone is missing Jackie and Clin in your old neighborhood.