Wednesday, October 7, 2009

writing letters.

Dear brown jasmine rice - what does it take to remove your crunch? Two hours should be enough. Right?

Dear naysayers (Clin) - this recipe rocked. Free of glutten, meat, and dairy. It was awe.some. And you have to admit it.

Dear everyone - you should watch Oprah today. Because it's gonna be good. Word is that she will be appearing. And because it's Oprah.


AmyMak said...

Thank you for the blog address - I am excited to read it. What a terrible thing to happen but they look so optimistic. I'm going to tune into Oprah too.

Jacks said...

Amy - their story is fascinating and their a really great family from the Provo/Orem area. Check out her family blog, for more intimate details of the journey:

Judy Tan said...

Was the recipe really good?

Jacks said...

Really. It was. I was a bit surprised. But Mom even said she would order it at a restaurant. You guys missed out:)