Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Another reminder of my age:
  1. I watched an episode of Oprah, the topic of which was hormones. I usually skip those focused on menopause/hormones, etc. But Oprah said, if you want to live past 35 you should watch. And I did. I mean I do. 35 hits kind of close.

  2. The other night, at rehearsal, I sat in awe as the young, attractive, and physically fit (yeah - more reason to come see All Shook Up) leads added singing, blocking, and words to a scene. All which I also considered choreography because it was a lot of movement, more than a normal scene. And they were convincing, sounded good, and new what they were doing. Multi-tasking at its finest. Then I followed with my scene in which I continually got lost in the pages of script as I heard those sitting on the sidelines exclaim, "she's crazy." And I think, again, perhaps that I am. or will be. soon.

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