Monday, January 5, 2009


Wooden hangers. Why would I replace all of my perfectly fabulous metal and plastic hangers to purchase wooden hangers? Supposedly they are good for clothes. Or better smelling. Or better for the environment. But throwing out all of my cheap-o hangers is worse for the environment. Isn't it? And my clothes look fine on them. They aren't ripping holes into my shirts, or leaving plastic flakes on my pants.

Wooden hangers are an obnoxious, ridiculous idea. And to you who keep chanting the call that I'm ridiculous for housing a closet full of metal and plastic hangers (you know who you are Mr./Ms. TV personalities), I have one question:

Why would I spend money on such an unneccessary item when I could put the money to better use? Like on a bowl full of shrimp. Or chili. Or garbage bags. Or salt.

photo via Material Boy


Annaca said...

I try to stay away from infomercials because they get into my head and make me want to change myself somehow or give them my credit card number. I have the true sleeper and ab lounge to prove it! Also, I too use wire and plastic hangers and feel just fine about that :)

Jacks said...

Sweet. Thanks for the reinforcement.

Judy Tan said...

I prefer wooden hangers :(

Jacks said...

Why??? I just don't understand?

Guan said...
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