Thursday, January 1, 2009


If I was really into setting some goals for the new year, they would include:
  • No sugar. At all.
  • Run a marathon. (Anna - you would be my trainer, and Kelly you would be forced to do this with me.)
  • Build the rest of our backyard fence. By myself.
  • Get up every morn at 6:00 AM

All things I would love to do. But the practical me just could not allow the side effects of such drastic change to strain my relations with immediate family, Kelly, or Anna. I just couldn't do that to them.

So the real list? The one that just might get done?

  • Survive the next 3 months
  • Take a statistics course
  • Touch up paint on walls and baseboards
  • Re-caulk bathrooms. (anyone know how to do this? Do I have to remove the old caulk?)

And that's about it. Anything beyond is just asking for an unfinished product.


Sherry Carpet said...

why the statistics? are you planning on another degree?

good luck on these goals. my goal is to make a goal.

amy said...

I would much rather wake up at 6 am for the rest of my life than take statistics.

kelly riding said...

i'm glad you don't want to do a marathon, because i don't want to either!

Anonymous said...

my hubby knows all-things "fix-it." i'll try to remember to ask him about caulking!

The Irishman said...

Yes you do need to remove the old caulking first. But get a finishing tool to save you the headache of making the perfect edge. I didn't the first time through the bathroom and ended up doing it again.