Wednesday, January 28, 2009


In an attempt to throw our three year old off, we are once again trying a new tactic to encourage poop in the toilet rather than the pants. Tactic #5,326 = bribery in its most basic and desperate form.

This is the poop basket. It contains immediate gratification. Each time Millie poops in the toilet, she can choose a prize. If it is a small amount, then it is a small prize. Larger quantity equals a larger prize.

If she poops in her pants, then she has to put back one of her prizes.

So we now know that she will not poop for: her beloved parents, fresh smells or for fear of germs.

But she will poop for: Dora band aids, rings, bracelets, neco sweathearts, barrettes, pens, jacks, and princess wall clings.

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Sherry Carpet said...

brilliant. i would probably poop for those things too. well, the jax. those ones look fun.