Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wounded and wounding.

To all of you waiting for Thank you Cards:

They are coming. They haven't officially been mailed. Or postmarked. Or written. But they are sitting on my counter, waiting for some inspirational words and a stamp.

They have been waiting since Christmas. But they will come. Cross my heart.

Although that may not mean much since half of the thank you cards from my wedding are still waiting. Somewhere. In some box.

And I've always felt bad about that. The inner wound that continuously trickles blood.

Which is why you can be assured that they are coming. Because I won't allow myself a second wound.

wounding hearts since 2000

photo via kimberlyfaye

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Anna said...

There are a handful of thank you cards that I never got out--also waiting since 2000. I feel your pain.