Monday, January 26, 2009


Birthdays. Not that big of a deal. You feel the same way. I know you do. Last year hit me as old. But this year is not hitting me as much.

I plan on working. And taking my girls to gymnastics. And then working some more.

Maybe I'll memorize a couple of lines. And maybe, if all goes well, I'll get a nap. But the chance of that is slim to none.

My only real birthday plans include cooking absolutely nothing and drinking a diet coke. Pretty common occurrences chez moi.

photo via ginnerobot


Sherry Carpet said...

happy big one, jacks! i also plan on drinking a diet coke and cooking nothing. in honor of your birthday, but also because i usually do that anyway (also).

i'm so glad you were born.


amy said...

Happy Birthday! Sherry made me laugh. And you always make me laugh Jackie. Have a great day. If you run out of diet coke, stop by and I'll give you one for your birthday.

Judy Tan said...

Happy Birthday Jack! For your birthday I've decided to let you go to Disneyworld with me June 9-16th. Ok, I know you will say no again, so instead have a diet coke and don't cook dinner. I will be celebrating with you by doing the same thing. :) Just remember I am always older.....that will make you feel young and beautiful...the way you look. Love you always,

Jacks said...

SC - you make me laugh. Loves and giggles to you. Love to know that we're both spending the day in similar fashion.

Amy - you're great. Thanks for the offer. I'm well stocked at this moment. And thanks for the gymn trade last week - It was perfect. My Wednesday night rehearsal didn't end until 10:30 and I would have never made it.

Judy - If you were going a different week, I think we may have said yes this year. But Clin's brother is returning from his mission at that time, and so his family is using it as an excuse for family reunion as well. Thanks for the comment. I think the world should celebrate my birthday with a diet coke and an evening off of cooking. Thanks for celebrating with me.

Amanda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are one busy lady - I don't know how you and Clin do it. I am in awe.