Thursday, January 15, 2009

surviving, part 1.

Survival Mode. That is my existence. I am sitting on a couch next to a pile of clothes that has been sitting here, unfolded, much longer. The house is a museum. Untouched. I haven't been home in the eve since Saturday.

And the past few days have taught us that the girls in this family need their sleep. One night is fine. But two nights of bedtime at 10:00 PM equals anger and madness. And hours of screaming. Loud. And that's just the girls I'm talking about. I'm not even going to touch on my personal tantrums of late.

Taking the girls to the high school for the Musical Theatre review on Monday, Millie took her shoes off three times (each) in the car before I could get them both on. At the same time. Once out of the car she threw herself in the middle of the road. and screamed. Then as I walked away (no cars were coming. I totally checked.) she stood up and screamed. Black snow dripping from her knees, black tears dripping from her heart.

Then, just to get through the 2 hour performance, Ellis ate more candy than she has had in her life. And my talent for mothering shined. Blinding those in the vicinity. First we pulled out the Pez. I thought: this will last through Act I. 5 minutes later I was already reaching for the suckers. Millie's was a blow pop - which was smart, right? Because after the sucker part was gone, she would still have gum, right? That should have gotten us home. But the gum ended up in her stomach. And turned into a stupid idea when she screamed to be taken out for a drink.

Act II. We broke out a bag of sour skittles, a bag of M&Ms and a couple bottles of water. Eventually making it through, thanks to the amazing help of Kelly and Melanie. THANK YOU. That's right, 3 adults to 2 toddlers? And we survived.

So I had every intention of recording my favorite songs and putting a video up for you. I managed one song. Shaky, with appearances from Ellis's hand. And she even breaks into the chorus of Feist's 1,2,3,4. But I've failed at loading the video. Failed.

photo via chop1n


Arianne said...

Wow. That's quite a night. Good thing you were prepared with the candy!

Amy said...

i love the read posts of the real happenings of people! So glad I"m not the only one who has to shove candy at my kids sometimes just to keep them quiet or whatever it may be!!! hope you are well!!

Liz said...

LOL!!! I can empathize!! :D You ARE brave to take them to the theater! I've got a strict NO KIDS GOING TO THE THEATER (movie, play or otherwise) until my boys can sit still through Primary. LOL. No joke! :D

As for your caulking problem...let yer kids have at pulling it all out...! Then you have HALF the work! LOL

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you this week, knowing how busy you were. And also because you haven't blogged in DAYS. (I look forward to it!) Glad to know you're alive, although surviving. Can't wait to talk with you next week!

If I'd been a really good friend, I would've called... But. You know...


Jacks said...

Angee - You are a real friend. I wouldn't have been home to answer. Or wouldn't have gotten to the phone in time. Your comment is better than a call:)

Liz - Great idea about the caulk. I'm so doing it.