Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I told you I was on the verge of something. Just waiting for it to happen. Perhaps this was it.

How is it that someone weak, like me, can break 2 weed eaters? I don't think that is physically possible. And yet, it has happened.

The first disintegrated in my hands. Melted right through my fingers. Repair was not an option.

The second, most recent, froze on me. And I assumed repair was possible.

Until I took it apart.

And nothing would go back.

So please. release me from my weed eater dungeon. I need something that will not disintegrate. That I can easily re-string. That will trim the grass around the fence and house, as well as edge my lawn.

I am desperate. Because we are starting to look like a jungle here.

And deep down I would love to leave it for the new owners. But that's not how I play the house swapping game.

Suggestions? Anyone?

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Tanya Dow said...

oh dear...I can't believe you took it apart! I do most of the yard work (let's face it, I am home most of the time. and I like to mow the lawn) but I DON'T repair any tools or replace the string on the weed eater. That's just the way it is.