Thursday, May 28, 2009

house envy.

Lehi has awesome houses. Not mine. Or many of the new ones. But old, beautiful, my grandma could have lived there houses.

Every time we drive through the older neighborhoods, I stare. And try to catch the details. um, yeah. it's not very safe when I drive.

I've been meaning to post my favorites here. But kept putting it off. Worried that people would freak out if they saw me photo-ing their abode.

Today I threw caution in the trunk, and did a few drive-bys. In no way all of my favs, but you get the idea.

Did you see those front windows? I love them. And the garage? Take a closer look at the garage.

Yeah. Awesome.

Um, red door? Yes! And please note the ivy growing over the arched gate on the left. Hello romance. Don't you want to get married under that arch? In proximity of that red door? Me too.

And my dream house. My absolute favorite. Across from a park. Enclosed in a white picket fence. And FOR SALE!!! Where was that sign one month ago? Why am I moving out of Lehi?

Check out those trees dripping with leaves. And please note Anne. That's right. with an E. Can't you see her? Right there. In the yard. And Gilbert. On the other side of the fence. Eyes locked, the music builds as he opens the gate, rushes to her side and picks her up in his arms. They twirl in the breeze.

I swear I saw it. In my periphery. As I drove by.

Just look at that door. And that porch. Perfection.



Tanya Dow said...

I see Anne & Gilbert & I think I can see Marilla smiling as she spy's on them from the window :) Dang, now I want to go watch the movie...but, alas, I have a crying child.

Sherry Carpet said...

ooh, i love these! love.

AmyMak said...

Yes, why are you leaving Lehi? Immediately makes me miss the west and those old houses...takes me right there.

Anonymous said...

Love those. Especially that last one. One of my all-time favorites, too!

And I'm re-reading the Anne series right now so I'm in "Anne-romance" mode. Totally see them in the yard.