Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Maybe it was the batch of no bake cookes that I ate. by myself. (and no, Amy, I'm not talking about the healthy kind). But I've been having crazy dreams.

In one prominent dream from last week I caught Clin holding hands with Tanya.

Who's Tanya? A friend from the high school years. Who still lives in Oregon. The only contact I have with her is through Facebook. And this past week I was impressed when she reported that she ran 16 miles. At one time. Awesome.

Back to the dream: They were sitting across the room from me. Clin was caressing her right hand with his right hand underneath his left arm. An attempt to hide it from me. So I speak up, "Hello. I see you. You're holding her hand. I'm sitting right in front of you."

He acted like he couldn't see or hear me. And everyone else in the room (did I mention that the room was full of people?) tried to ignore what was happening. After I spoke up he didn't move his hand. And so my volume grew louder as I continued to speak and wave my arms at him.

And I felt angry. but empowered that I was calling him out. and standing up for myself.

So. What does it all mean?

photo via h.koppdelaney


Clin A. Eaton said...

I think it means no more no-bake cookies.

AmyMak said...

I like the labels: anger, clin, dream. Does this mean there will be more anger, clin, and dream posts? Maybe it means you just really love your man. Clin, bring her some flowers will ya?

And if I was the Amy you referred to, I just finished off a box of junior mints. My running is a ruse. But great super healthy kids link! :)

Tanya Dow said...

Do you hate me now??? I swear, it was all him! :)

Clin A. Eaton said...

Hello Tanya. Nice to meet you.

Jacks said...

Clin brought me flowers for mom's day. Pretty ones too. perhaps I should post.

And Amy - I know so many Amy's all of a sudden. My friend and neighbor, Amy, runs the Super Healthy Kisd website. She's amazing. And I hope to be like her. And you.

And Tanya - cause Tanya's been running too. Perhaps this dream is about getting me out of the house and moving....

Tanya! I so didn't think you read this. Funny. Isn't that the wierdest thing....you showing up in my dreams. I so don't hate you.

Clin - back off. Tanya is happily married.... I think.

JK - I love you all. You too Clin.

Tanya Dow said...

I read your blog on occasion....but Betsy Batman called me this morning and said I was starring in your current post (at least we were assuming I was the Tanya you were talking about). Dreams are crazy!

amy said...

Sounds like forshadowing of polygamy in the after life. You, Tanya, Clin. Sounds cozy.

I'll bring you some healthy cookies so you can eat the whole batch without feeling quite so guilty. That's what I do.

Emmy said...

These comments are hilarious. Try and have a random dream about Ben or me! It would probably be a boring dream though....and then the comments wouldn't be that funny. hmmm, there probably wouldn't be any comments. We're just not funny. I'll have to look at that recipe for healthy no-bakes.

Jacks said...

Wow - Tanya - you should star in my dreams all the time. It gets lots 'o' comments.

And I hate to even repeat this - polygamy??? Blah. I can't even go there in thought.

I was hoping someone would say that it means that I am asserting my opinion and thoughts in life. That I'm standing up for myself. Taking action. Not letting anyone walk on me.

Instead, perhaps, it just means that I need to run me a marathon.

Thanks y'all for the counseling session.

Jacks said...

Hey. Emily. I just read Clin your comment and we both laughed. That was a funny comment.

Post your mad running skills on Facebook and maybe you, too, can be in my dreams.