Wednesday, May 13, 2009


i've been angsty. and angry. a lot lately. and whenever i get this feeling, i just want to beat something up. a pillow. or a blanket. because i'm pretty much a wimp.

i remember feeling this way in college. one night. after play rehearsal, i ended up walking home alone. at about midnight. i had the alarm that judy gave to me in case i found myself in this exact situtation. but i didn't pull it out.

i walked quickly. and kept thinking, not tonight rapist. don't even attempt. and if you do, i will not allow it. i will so hurt you. bad. really bad. because i am not in the mood. not even. so bring it. i dare you to even try.

because in my angst i get numb. and feel a bit of the outer body in my thoughts. looking at them as if they don't really effect me. judging them as if they don't belong to me.

and can't hurt.


Clin A. Eaton said...

Hmmm. Time to make no-bake cookies. With added Pamprin.

Jacks said...

What.ever. Seriously - Pamprin can help with cramping, but not the emotional shifts that come with the hormone changes. Nine years, and have I taught you nothing???

Liz said...

No-bakes and prozac. It's a definite winning combo. :P

You can chase it with Terms of Endearment...that'll help you get the tears out. Or provide you with any necessary cathartic experience you may be currently in need of.